BMW April 2022

 Economically hobbled Zimbabwe remains South Africa’s largest market in Africa for exports of built-up vehicles, taking 3 161 units in the first 11 months of 2021, well ahead of runner-up Kenya, on 2 703. Strangely, Nigeria, the socalled “economic powerhouse of the African continent”, has taken only 1 033 vehicles in this period. A total of 35 African countries have imported built-up vehicles from SA so far this year, with these vehicles coming from 16 manufacturers and distributors.

Total year-to-date exports into Africa amounted to 19 876 vehicles at the end of November, with Toyota’s total of 7 921 units amounting to almost 40% of these exports. Isuzu is in second place, on 4 326 units shipped, only 75 vehicles ahead of Nissan which is accelerating production after the full model change for Navara.

The other meaningful exporters in this 11-month period were Ford (1 529), Volkswagen (474) and Mitsubishi (417).

Other countries, besides Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Nigeria to import more than one thousand SA-built vehicles on a year-to-date basis were Ghana (1 979), Mozambique (1 284), Tanzania (1 196), Zambia (1 107), Uganda 1 063), and Mauritius (1 016).

Only 2 199 built-up vehicles were shipped from SA into Africa in November, with 13 makers sending them to 26 countries. Toyota led the way with 737 units shipped. Next up was Nissan (608), followed by Isuzu (365), Ford (150) and Volkswagen (40).

Yet Kenya proved the most popular destination in November, taking 304 units. It was followed by Zimbabwe (294), Ghana (175), Mozambique (161), Mauritius (159), Egypt (150), Côte d’Ivoire (144), Nigeria (116), Tanzania (115), and Zambia (103). (These were the only countries taking more than 100 units that month).