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Automotive Paint Centre recently held an expanded dealer convention in Durban, to introduce some of the latest refinish products, training and services now on offer from China’s largest car refinish paint company. Yatu has seen phenomenal growth since its founding in 1995. They now employ a staff complement of 385 and company owner Zhao Jun Feng has been able to move Yatu to become the number one overseas exporter.

Production levels have reached over 60 000 tons per year output. ”We have been very successful,” said Ralph Shen, Yatu director of international marketing and sales, “by employing a policy of using 8% of company turnover in our research and development which now employs 45 skilled staff in the all-new Gaungdong production site in China.”

This is a state-of-the-art facility with 20 fully automated production lines which was introduced last year with an investment from Yatu of some $100 million. It is fully equipped with manufacturing, working and living facilities. Along with this some 2000 global dealers are now in place and selling Yatu products across the world. This is backed-up by six training centres internationally.

Suleman Joosab from Automotive Paint Centre, held a two-day dealer convention and invited over 40 key distributors to attend. Live demonstrations were held at Mannering’s Training Centre to demonstrate two new products from Yatu’s new EC Plus range.

The GT20 2K Primer is a multi-function primer that can be used as a fast drying, high production, general purpose or wet-on-wet primer. GT20 2K Primer offers easy application and sanding properties that enables users to flat in just 20 minutes. It is suitable for spot and overall refinishing work and can be used with varying hardeners to suit any specific application.

Along with this came the introduction of EC800 Plus Clearcoat with another fast drying set of properties. It has been formulated to work well in varying temperatures and works exceptionally well in low temperature situations. “Perhaps the biggest advantage,” says Ralph, “is that these new products come at a very attractive value price for everyday use. They are simple to use and the whole process is quick with the use of the Yatu Easimix colour formulation systems.”

Suleman and the Automotive Paint Centre team were congratulated by the Yatu contingent on their outstanding devotion to the progress of the Yatu brand in South Africa in the last seven years as their sole distributor.

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