BMW April 2022

Every two years WorldSkills hosts the world skills competition which attracts more than 1 300 competitors from more than 60 countries and regions. At this event, young people from all corners of the globe gather together for the chance to win a prestigious medal in their chosen skill.

There are competitions in 56 skills across a wide range of industries – from joinery to floristry; hairdressing to electronics; and autobody repair to bakery. The competitors represent the best of their peers and are selected from skills competitions that are held in WorldSkills Member countries and regions.

The Competition also provides leaders in industry, government, and education with the opportunity to exchange information and best practices regarding industry and professional education. New ideas and processes inspire school-aged youth to dedicate themselves to technical and technological careers and build a better future. One of the legacies of WorldSkills Competitions is the increased visibility of skilled professional education, as one of the tools of social and economic transformation.

Trevor Roets, who works at Monument Panelbeaters in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, was our South African representative at the 46th WorldSkills in Karan, Russia. Trevor did very well against the other 27 contestants – seven of which were women. He came 14th overall and was awarded a medal of excellence in his efforts as well as the Best of Country medal for South Africa. A medal of excellence is awarded for achieving an average of above 70%.

Wayne Brandon, senior technical consultant, BASF SA, was on hand in hosting the contestants in South Africa to choose the finalist as well as at WorldSkills as he was appointed as the National Expert for Car Painting; Skill 36. “We had contestants from across South Africa competing in tasks that included colour matching, repair processes starting from body filler, primer filler, base and clear coat application, spot repair and blending of an adjacent panel. The competition was nail biting as the difference between first and second place was less than 3%.” said Wayne.

The BASF brand Glasurit was the main sponsor for the 2019 national competition. BASF’s training centre was made available for the period which was needed to prepare the delegate for the 45th world skills in Kazan. The training programme was based on the core competencies as described in the TD for skill 36. Information was given by Andreas Jansen from BASF Munster, regarding the products which would be featured during the competition. The test project was revealed on C-3. The test project was developed by an external assessor (Andreas Jansen) from BASF.

Skill 36 took part in the sustainability award which was a huge drive from world skills Kazan. The sustainability drive started with the world skills in Dubai.

“To be a part of WorldSkills is such a privilege as you meet people from all over the world, and the knowledge and experience you gain is competition is priceless. I would recommend any body shop to open their doors for their young learners to have the opportunity to participate at WorldSkills as it’s a life changing experience.

“We need private sector and FET Colleges to help us train up our painters for the future and this is just a cherry on the top exposure to learn even more on a global scale. “

Invitations will be sent out shortly to young learners and FET Colleges to begin the process to participate in the nationals and then at WorldSkills which will take place in Shanghai in 2021. Contestants who wish to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity need to turn 21 during the year of the competition.

For more information contact Wayne on on how you can enter or lend a helping hand in training going forwards for WorldSkills.