BMW April 2022

Workshop Boss is a state-of-the-art new Accident Repair Workshop Management system creating efficiencies and internal information sharing unrivalled by any system currently on the market. It has the ability to perform a range of services from retrieving customer and vehicle information to providing daily reports within departments. After reviewing the revolutionary system, here are some  highlights of  the most impressive features of the interface.

Workshop Boss interface

Their customer and vehicle database seamlessly retrieves information by searching with either a VIN number, registration number, claim number, customer phone number, email address or the customer name.

The quote generation module provides users with detailed graphics and immediate accurate OEM Nett pricing, enabling mark-up on the correct pricing resulting in time saving with no need to call for prices.

The Workshop Planning module creates a timeline for each vehicle, catering for detailed planning on the Calendar Dashboard for each stage of the repair cycle. Efficient planning module caters for workshop capacity and warns the body shop management of capacity constraints per department in the planning phase.

The job card module has been integrated throughout multiple systems on Workshop Boss’s interface. The module is fully integrated with Smart Quote, Audatex and GT Motive for easy download of job cards from these platforms. That simply means efficient administration for 90% of the insurer market.

The parts and store management module allows for all parts to be captured onto the system and to be booked onto a job card, as well as catering for stock parts, consumables and paints. The paint management system has the integrated capability to download paint materials onto the job card.

The Workshop Boss parts management module allows for integration into Edge Parts which allows users to manage their parts and part account reconciliations per job, negating the need to ever do a parts account reconciliation. This feature also allows users to enable automatic uploading of the correct parts pricing back into Audatex, GT Motive and Smart Quote at final repair calculation stage. The integrated system saves time ensuring users will never have to manually capture parts prices.

The Workshop Boss is fully integrated with SAGE Accounting and allows users to streamline their business and ensures optimal efficiency in all accounting aspects of their business.

An outstanding and unique feature that will positively assist businesses who use Workshop Boss is the client management module. This feature keeps users updated throughout every stage of the repair process, with the appearance of pop-ups each time a vehicle moves to a new department, where a note is created or a planned date is approaching. It has the capability to colour code advanced notices of potential missed deadlines per department. The constant notification pop-ups of the Workshop Boss ensures procedures flow smoothly and efficiently resulting in users knowing exactly what is happening within their business.

Workshop Boss is integrated with OEM approval bodies to enable information sharing, whilst ensuring the required information is aligned to the POPI Act. However, users have the ability to determine by menu, per job what information they are prepared to share granting them full control over their information.

The courtesy and own fleet cars management module allows the businesses management to keep track of courtesy and staff vehicles, tracking the condition of each vehicle and the respective mileage. This feature facilitates accountability of vehicle condition and transparency about every fleet and courtesy car.

Workshop Boss’s evolutionary dashboard system provides users with live reporting, displaying all activities that are essential to a world class accident repair facility. Furthermore, daily reports can be sent to staff, summarising the vehicles and job values per department, as well as the movement in and out of the respective section. It further provides the user with an overview of all work and potential work per department. It enables efficient debtors management and a comprehensive understanding of all activities at all times.

Overall the Workshop Boss is a game changer for all accident repairer facilities as it provides valuable management information in real-time, ensuring daily and monthly efficiency in all facets of a modern accident repair business.