BMW April 2022

The all new i3000 VAS6545A VW approved welder comes packed full of innovative technology using the very latest inverter design from this German manufacturer. It has a water-cooled spot welder gun to reduce operator fatigue and also simple press-and-go technology with automatic material identification on the metals that need welding with automatic control on the process as the spot welder works makes the unit really easy to handle and exceptionally safe to use for an operator – while delivering constantly reliable welding results.

Their research has been conducted with a host of topline motor manufacturers and the machine comes fully approved for Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Opel, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Vauxhall and Volkswagen who have been part of the major inverter GT’s ability to automatically recognise and measure the configuration and thickness of panels in repair where clamping force amps, and welding time are automatically recognised and calculated so there is no need for a any manual adjustments using the 10 000 Hz high frequency inverter technology from the GT Auto spot welder. The Wieländer+Schill range of body shop welders, and handled by Hurricane Equipment.

The company also have a new operational showroom at 184 Boundary Road, Mnandi, Centurion and the machine comes fully approved.

Please call Andrew Mackie on +27 (0)10 597 7843 to get further information or from the company’s website