BMW April 2022

Celette recently announced that their bench system had been approved for use by Volkswagen AG. The Celette bench system guarantees a predictable and correct outcome every time. It duplicates the factory build process with 100% accuracy. The bench system resolves the most common problems that repair technicians face, such as diagnositics and measuring.

SAPE Group Operations Manager, Paul McMartin, said, “There is no better way to fix a damaged vehicle. The quality and accuracy of the Celette Bench System is second to none. The approval is great news. It’s what Volkswagen customers expect and deserve.”

*VAS 811 013 – Griffon XL bench composition ASE811 013 80000

*VAS 811 011 – Sevenne bench composition ASE811 011 80000

*VAS 811 009 – Sevenne XL bench compisiton ASE811 009 80000

*VAS 811 008 – Rhone bench composition ASE811 007 80000

*VAS 811 003 – Grifon bench composition ASE811 003 80000

In addition to the Volkswagen AG certification, Celette is the approved bench for Audi, VW, BMW, Mini, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Mayback, McLaren, Mercedes-Benx, Smart, Porsche and Volvo.