The unique state-of-the-art technology from VirtualPaintTM Products is revolutionising the way we do today’s training in collision repair training colleges around the world. Training centres have recently upgraded to this technology and purchased large systems to improve training modules at our local TVET colleges here in South Africa.

The Spray Painting Training Simulator software offers unbelievable training advantages for aspiring painters. VirtualPaintTM is an educational training system with over 13 years of development and is based on a training philosophy to use advanced technologies to create a more user-friendly learning environment for students to build self-confidence in this specialised field. Not only is this virtual training system a safer more user-friendly method of training but it is incredibly economical in minimising paint wastage. With real-time instant feedback to the learners as they spray, the operation can be likened to that of “Playstation” for spray painters, rating your progress with a point system until you are advanced enough for the practical application.

In instant playback mode learners can see their spray gun speed and yaw levels to the surface, plus the average distance to the panel being sprayed. It’s an incredible piece of new technology to help these newcomers get up to speed in the fastest way possible before taking it to the spray booth. It improves the user’s ability to get to the required film thickness while controlling costs and improved gun application transfer efficiency. The unit times and costs the required amount average measurement on every conceivable part of a spray painter’s spraying technique. From an entry level apprentice through to qualified journeymen the VirtualPaintTM system is the answer to any application problems.

Feedback at the TVET training colleges has been great and the machines are being used to full capacity giving immediate feedback and saving substantially on costs.

Celette SA are the company behind importing the VirtualRealityTM Spray Painter Training Simulator and are happy to assist in growing the skills in people for the next spray painting generation. They will be offering the new VP3D version of the software early next year. This version operates the fully-immersive headset (virtual reality) VirtualPaint™ system and allows the painter, by use of 3D goggles to be inside the booth at the time of application, which can only lead to better application results.

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