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Vermont Sales’s open day continues to grow with over 1 000 attendees at this year’s event which was held in a separate venue to cope with the increased size of the family inspired “in-house” expo where some of the 50 or so brands that the company distribute were on show.

Twelve factory owners and reps had flown in to share their international and local knowledge. Roland Hunt, from Vermont Sales, says that the company were able to show and develop their knowledge and selling skills on a number of their technical products to countries such as Zambia and Namibia.

“The dynamic team at Vermont Sales have helped new additional brands like Festool to gain much improved traction in the local market,” said head Festool trainer Marcel Phost from Germany. Festool’s complete body shop package for daily sanding comes from both their pneumatic and electric tool range which is vast. It also boasts the latests heat reducing anti-static designs for primer and top coat sanding applications.

Other notable sales successes are also to be seen from Alpen drill bits, from Austria. This brand exhibits great quality in every day use and the products simply hold up the best in the work place.

The Tork Craft brand is also racking up increased sales in wood finish and industrial outlets with new developments in their range.

The company was founded by the Hunt family who believe in only supplying quality tested products with an old fashioned set of values. They are able to supply both unmatched service with top level product availability on both new products and parts for their product ranges.

“The reputation that the GAV range of spray guns and accessories have are a prime example of that philosophy,” said Ryan Hunt, who handles many of the front line sales at dealer level. “Our open day provides a great meeting point for the trade for all to come and see the very latest hardware on offer to the trade in a relaxed atmosphere.”

The team at Vermont Sales continue to offer outstanding commitment and an entrepreneurial spirit.