Alpen Launch Sprint Master and Pro Series HSS


The Austrian company Alpen, worldwide leaders in the drill bit industry, launched their latest state of the art and technically advanced HSS metal drill bits to the market, the Sprint Master and Pro series, at the Vermont Sales HQ in Midrand this week.

“The Austrian company is also celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year so the local launch timing was a perfect platform to introduce the new products,” said Ryan Hunt, sales director for Vermont Sales. “We had Alpen Maykestag’s export & marketing director Andreas Oszwald here for the launch and to present the new products He really impressed our customers and the media with their new 2017 product line up. Some key points in the presentation were that in the figure of 35 million drill bits made a year and only 18 drills per 1 000 000 (0.0000018%) were noncompliant, confirmation of Alpen’s high manufacturing standards. Alpen also has the best price performance ratio compared to other drill bits in the market,” said Hunt.

The metal goes through three manufacturing plants near Salzburg in Austria where specialist automatic production ensures that the geometry of each and every drill receives the correct heat treatment for optimised performance on substrates. This is why Alpen can outperform their competitors with perfect results in a faster time. This is of great interest to the automotive aftermarket where the use of new high strength steels like boron and other newer harder metallic panels sees the dedicated range of cobalt drills which use this reliable technology. These proven technologies work at the coalface without any problems.

The company also make high quality spot weld professional drills which are self-centring and will only remove a spot weld to the designated thickness required. There are four different cobalt sizes available for this difficult to perform type of panel removal.

ALPEN Sprint Master

The new Alpen Sprint Master is a universal twist drill bit that reduces the drilling time by a third, compared to the standard Sprint, due to optimised drill bit geometry. This is made possible by the special Alpen innovative cutting edge. Another plus point is the drill bit’s offer a three times longer service life, due to Alpen’s high quality HSS steel and the tool undergoes a special heat treatment. The Alpen Sprint Master is particularly suitable for use in hand-held drills when drilling alloyed and unalloyed steel.


The second twist drill bit innovation, is the ALPEN Pro, besides having a reduced cross-cutting edge and an optimised drill bit core, it also features a point angle of 135 degrees with a C-shaped point. Due to the special split point, it is even faster and will last twice as long as the previous HSS Super range. The ALPEN Pro scores highly thanks to narrow tolerances and high concentricity and are ideally suitable for machining alloyed and unalloyed steel in high production environments.