A little over 10 years ago and after much debate and unsuccessful attempts, a collective effort from key industry stakeholders identified a need to formalise the quantification process within the motor industry. The importance of these roles within the vehicle repair process that includes the safety specification of the modern vehicle, client satisfaction and the effectiveness and efficiency of the repairer operations became the base of an informed decision to collaborate on design of a formal qualification and governance structures as non-negotiable.  The business plan was presented at a meeting where to all industry stakeholders was invited. (SAARSA, SAIA, SAMBRA, RMI, INSETA, MERSETA, DTI, IISA, IMA, etc.)  In principle, all agreed to the concept, as it is today, a committee with representation from all Industry sectors whom were elected to implement the VDQ Governance Body of South Africa. 

It is with pride to look back at what has been achieved over the past 10 years and take into account that most of these achievements were completed by a committee that have volunteered their time and effort because they believe in the initiative and strive to leave a legacy for future generations. 

Some highlights 

  • The VDQGBSA is registered as a non profit company,  
  • To pioneer the development of a national VDQ occupational qualification in conjunction with education authority at QCTO and MERSETA, 
  • VDQGBSA was mandated as a professional body by SAQA to manage success and professionalism of their members. 
  • An infrastructure was created to develop a membership administration portal, web based structured information and support base and which currently employs three permanent employees tasked with advice on academic standards, qualifications and skills development for members in the motor assessment industry or motor body repair estimating industry and promote the profession and career guidance of vehicle damage quantification. 
  • Currently boast 1500 registered practicing members on the data base 
  • 150 Members are accredited with professional status after having completed their VDQGB internal RPL process accreditation. 
  • There are 13 learners from previously disadvantaged groups from the insurance sector that are in the final stages to complete the qualification  

The main focus of the VDQGBSA is to develop  Assessors and Estimators,  manage the national VDQ qualification, educate members through continuous training on changing technology in new vehicles, apply ethics and good governance and ensure they stay relevant within industry requirements, as confirmed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The outcome is a qualified VDQ (Estimator and Assessor) with a Professional VDQ Designation which we trust  in the future will become an industry standard being the catalyst which determines the quality and cost  of vehicle repairs  between the Client, OEM, MBR and Insurance Company.  

It is extremely important to note that there are a large number of persons  operating in this career choice that have a huge amount of experience and acumen in the field of damage quantification and that they will be recognised for their skill and will be afforded the opportunity to obtain professional status through the internal RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process of the VDQ Governing Board.  

The requirements to be awarded professional status are dependent on certain criteria of expertise and/or artisan qualification. Detailed application and information is available through the VDQGBSA office via e-mail contact at  

The resulting change due to the COVID 19 pandemic is a new method of assessing and estimating of vehicle damages has emerged together with the use of artificial intelligence it is important to guarantee there are professional individuals that operate in the value chain to take accountability of their conduct. The VDQGBSA is the independent facilitator that can assure proper governance.   

What is the VDQGBSA strategy?  

Education of Members  

  • Apply VDQ internal RPL accreditation for all members that qualify before the authorities close the grace period and require members to complete the full qualification. 
  • Subscribe to Continuous Development Programs to ensure a Professional member remains knowledgeable on new technology and repair methods. 

Growth of VDQGBSA 

  • Grow the membership and promote the VDQ to become strengthened in the industry. 
  • Position the profession that the VDQ concept becomes self-regulated in the industry 
  • Position the VDQGBSA in the industry to act as a catalyst between the motor manufactures, motor body repairs and insurance industry. 


  • Imbed the governance structure in business to insure Professional Members operate in the ambit of Constitution of  the VDQGBSA  

Apply for Membership at the followingn link: