Body shop colour matching can be a tedious task which often results in waste in colour mixing as well as taking up a spray painter’s valuable time. However, French pioneering is about to revolutionise the colour mixing task and it could be a welcome technological addition – particularly for very busy high volume repair concerns.

The Daisy Wheel true colour package is so new it has around 300 machines up and running globally. With the advent of over     5 000 new colours being developed each and every year as manufacturers move to more exotic shades in an effort to move more attractive vehicles and plastic colour parts, it could be said this now drives the business of collision repair in a big way.

Aer-o-cure are the appointed distribution and service agent in Southern Africa for Daisy Wheel. They installed an imported wheel at a Benoni based repair centre near the airport. They specialise in fast repair and delivery of close to 500 vehicles per month for clients in the car hire business.

Alex Lenaerts from Aer-o-cure showed Automotive Refinisher some of the key areas of operational savings with the environmentally friendly mixing machine.

He said that Fillon Technologies had developed the Daisy Wheel in conjunction with the world’s leading refinishing manufacturers such as BASF, PPG, Axalta, Akzo and Valspar De Beer. As an independent supplier, Aer-o-cure is in the perfect position to provide the technical and aftersales support required for the Daisy Wheel.

Yves Atangama, technical aftersales engineer, recently visited the South African market for the first time. He says he is quite astounded as to how well some of the local body shops are working – and often very efficiently. The offer of time saving coupled to no waste in the colour activities with the Daisy Wheel is a big opportunity to save money in day-to-day activities in every paint shop.

BASF Coatings were also heavily involved with this installation. Johan van Wyngaard, a company technical consultant for BASF Coatings, says that since the installation the Daisy Wheel has been able to increase daily output on painted repairs from eight to 12 vehicles on average.

“Through their drive-through designed spray and bake spraybooths, the Daisy Wheel’s big advantage,” says Johan, “is coming from its ability to automatically mix a colour while the spraying of another car takes place.”

The colours are so accurate that both Toyota and VW matched colour shades require no fade out panels to be done. It is simply a case of edge-to-edge colour matching on many Daisy Wheel formulas.

The Daisy Wheel also accommodates special pearl and xirallic toners in small volumes. On the subject of volumes the Daisy Wheel is very flexible, it can deliver right from 50 grams up to one and half litres.

The totally self contained Daisy Wheel avoids evaporation problems, and takes up to 160 tones, which are installed inside the compact gravity Daisy Wheel, in either 500cc or one litre plastic containers.

These double-sided plastic bottles are air driven to extract every last drop of the refinish paint tints. This also eliminates waste and the wheel automatically tells the painter that a toner is running low which delivers proactive control on stock levels.

“The most positive gain is that the 100% automatic process allows for maximum painter time to be spent in car preparation and organisation. After simply entering the required formula, there is no need for further colour intervention. Health and safety levels are boosted with less physical contact with the refinishing paint being mixed,” said Johan.

Surprisingly, the mixing unit, once installed, takes up almost no space. It’s less than one cubic metre, reducing a mixing stand by some 75% in the area taken up. “The Daisy Wheel really has a major role to play in high volume output shops,” says Alex.

The system is available either as an outright purchase or on a 60-month rental basis (rental via third party).

To get more details call Aer-o-cure on +27 (0)11 444 6454 or call Alex on         +27 (0)82 659 3102.