The POL04 model offers the best value for money in the Tork Craft range, as it comes in as a lightweight at 2.4 kgs. It has a very capable 800W motor, offering a dual polishing and sanding feature. Research done also says it is the most comfortable unit, easy to handle, with no load speed. It has a rev range of 2 000 to 6 400 rpm with a speed control and it offers a good-sized backing pad of 150mm for polishing and sanding.

The POL04 comes with the normal range of accessories; a Velcro polishing/sanding pad of 150mm, the auxiliary handle, 1-piece wrench and hex wrench, an extra set of carbon motor brushes and 25 x 150mm Velcro compound sponge. There is a full range of additional accessories and replacement pads and heads available.

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