BMW April 2022

A new ground-up super body shop concept has recently been brought online in Bedfordview. The top repair centre features many state-of-the-art innovative cost control touches. Designed and installed by Aer-o-cure, the production repair volume is targeted to repair between 450 and 500 vehicles per month – which is astounding.

Five spraybooths from Aer-o-cure dominate the design and flow of production. There are a host of bench racks and mini highlight repair work centre bench designs dotted about for good measure.

“Energy cost savings of close to 40% will be seen as the use of gas for charging the baking cycle of each vehicle will drastically reduce diesel costs which are normally incurred,” said Walter Lenaerts of Aer-o-cure.

The whole shop uses the very latest inverter slow start technology spraybooths, primer extraction, dry sanding dust extraction and other areas such as compressor and air dryer installations, which helps to keep costs down on the energy front. Aer-o-cure will supply a full maintenance back-up on the new installation. Walter has pioneered the way with new progressive production facilities in body shops using international Car-O-Liner technology to power Aer-o-cure forwards in the marketplace.

The roller door aluminium repair centre is filled with the newest Car-O-Tronic Electronic Measuring machine and a full system of Evo holding clamps for VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW models have been purchased to effect full factory warranty repairs on new models in the process of repair for Renew-it Bedfordview.

R-M paints from the RSB Group are the waterborne refinish of choice and are present in both of the special colour matching areas that have been included in the shop’s highly organised design.

Every new idea possible has been incorporated in the shop’s planned ramp-up on production and roll-out. It is hoped that the envisaged capacity will be realised quickly as this shop has been a huge investment that has taken over a year to finalise, as the company dream of becoming the largest auto body repair national network comes to fruition.”

With a full line-up of people in customer care and the quotation centre areas, they look in excellent shape to achieve that goal.