top-shop-2This state-of-the-art new Porsche repair centre is the result of an intensive 24-month long project on design and build-up for the all-new sales and service centre in Lynwood Pretoria. The Porsche team say it is part of a company objective to get a bigger footprint in South Africa’s major business centres. The shop has only been in operation for two months and consequently is in the ramp-up phase of commissioning.

The design was recently the subject of a Porsche Germany inspection for work quality output and overall presentation of any body shop in the world. It won top place and that’s easy to understand when you look at the routing and shop layout.

With ample outside parking the 180 000 square metre workshop has all the specified equipment that the Porsche brand requires. Not least of these is the placement of two SAIMA Thesis Spray Cabins that are built to optimise waterborne refinish systems. These have innovative Endo-Thermic panels and require burner, heat exchangers or extraction smoke racks and operate with electrical power for a fraction of the cost of diesel power. In fact the expense on their installation will be amortised in just eight months for what it would have cost them using diesel heating as an alternative.

The refinish system of choice is PPG and is housed in a unique mixing room that features special north light colour matching capabilities. “The booths were installed”, says Heinz Brügger of the Maroun’s Group, “with a pair of low level Jollift lifts to enable vehicles in the spray booths to be lifted to an easy working height for lower body parts being resprayed. This, plus a 20 000 lux light level and a specified level of 33 000 cubic metres of air exchange per hour, sees almost no overspray being seen during repair.”

Body shop tools include the latest inverter welder and a Celette bench with a full sets of jigs that Porsche recommend for accurate repair. When it comes to the preparation area a unique six-lane area was designed where a special baffled floor extraction package is coupled to a large Hammach 8000 Dust Free Vacuum system. This also eliminates any primer overspray.

“Dust and dry flatting contamination in the workshop area are in good shape in order to get the new repair centre up to its envisaged 200 per month completed repair jobs,” says Marce Cabula, the body shop manager in Lynwood.

Because the production plan has been so well conceived and implemented, this futuristic facility looks bound to become a big success and profit earner for the Porsche Group going forwards.