BMW April 2022

The year 1994 was a busy one for all with the founding of a new democracy, plenty of violent uprisings all over the country and not much positive spin at all. However, that was not how Japie Botma saw things as he moved to Kleinmond after finishing technical school in Potchefstroom and, with a business partner, opened a body shop.

After six years in the business, he saw a gap in the market and opened Overstrand Panelbeaters and he hasn’t looked back. As it is with most smaller body shops, it is their attention to detail and excellent customer service that really sets them apart in the day-to-day running of the business.

Overstrand Panelbeaters is a structural repairer who subscribe to SAMBRA. They operate from two shops and employ 18 people. They understand how important investment is in your business, especially when it comes to your staff and always strive to have one or more people registered with Merseta’s learnership programme. Currently they have one panelbeater and one spray painter registered with Merseta.

Japie and his son Corné are co-owners of Overstrand Panelbeaters. “Our quality, excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction is our secret to our success,” says Japie. “As we are a smaller body shop, we are very proud of the 17 manufacturer approvals we have – which includes most big brands.

At the start of 2020, Overstrand Panelbeaters began investigating new paint systems. They have chosen Cromax as their system of choice, which has proven to be a great decision alongside the difficulties that Covid-19 and load shedding has brought to the industry.

“The Cromax system is very helpful from an economic point of view, and you gain quality and excellent colouristics in the process,” explained Corné. “The great aftersales service from Axalta and SIB has been brilliant in making sure we use the system to its full capability and reap the benefits as a business.

“The spectrophotometer is 99% accurate and has assisted us so much in the mixing process. Cromax and SIB have helped differentiate our business and made us more efficient here in Kleinmond, which has given us an edge in our journey forward.”

Corné concluded, “We strive continuously to improve in our quality, workmanship and keeping our clients happy. Our ultimate goal is to be Lightstone’s Panelbeater of the year one day!”

With this focus and great work ethic, Overstrand Panelbeaters will build on their success and go far.

Story by Claire Macfie

Pics by Jay Groat