Tips for Cooler Weather Refinish Work

BMW April 2022

If you run an auto shop, you will understand the difficulty when it comes to refinishing work in cooler weather. Lower temperatures affect clear coats and hardeners and make them more difficult to work with, and so completing refinishing work in warmer weather is always a better idea. However, you can’t completely avoid colder temperatures, so here are 4 tips on how to complete refinish work in cooler weather:

20 Degrees is Ideal 

Temperature plays a big role in any chemical process and refinishing is no exception. That is why it is more challenging to complete refinishing jobs in the winter or in colder weather. You should ensure that the temperature in your body shop is constantly at a certain level to ensure quality refinishing work. 

Don’t over-dilute cold paint

Cold temperatures will thicken paint. So if your paint seems too thick, this could be the problem. Most people will add dilution products to their thick paint when, in fact, this is not an ideal solution. The products that you are about to use on your refinishing job should be room temperature or at least 20 degrees Celsius. To ensure that this is possible, you will need a temperature-controlled storeroom for paints and products that are affected by temperature.  

Bring Vehicles into a Heated Spray Booth

Temperature not only affects the products that you are about to use on your refinishing job, but it also affects car bodies. Allowing the car body that you are about to work on to get too cold could negatively affect the results of your job. Car bodies that are too cold could develop a fine moisture film on the surface as the body warms up. That could create a problem with the flow, surface wetting and adhesion of the fresh paint. Vehicles should be allowed to stand in a heated spray booth for some time before you start working on them. 

Don’t over-compensate with a High Spraying Temperature

Don’t base your choice of hardener on the temperature as this could lead to issues with your job. If your spray booth is running at the right temperature and you are prepping your vehicles before you start your job in cold temperatures, then your job should go smoothly. Base the choice of your hardener on the size of your job and spray booth conditions. If you spray in high temperatures, you could run into problems.