BMW April 2022

Spralac SP4199 Special Clear Coat 4:1 is a fast drying, high gloss clear coat. It is especially suitable for spot repair and panel repair. and is easy to polish. It delivers excellent results with just two full coats to achieve an optimal film build of 50 µm. Its 4:1 mixing ratio with a dedicated hardener, along with superb airdry qualities makes it a very cost effective solution for small to medium repairs. It is available in 1litre and 4 litre pack sizes with hardener pack sizes available in 250ml and 1litres.

Spralac SP4502 HS Anti scratch Clear 2:1 is a high solid Scratch Resistant VOC compliant Clear Coat and is less sensitive to scratches caused by carwash brushes. The product can be applied over Solvent basecoat and Water basecoat. The product is easy to use and has a high gloss finish. You will achieve optimal results in just one and a half to two coats, giving you 50-60 µm. It is available in both one litre and five litre pack sizes and is activated with the current selection of Spralac HS hardeners. 

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