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Talking  translucent three-stage paint and some new super vibrant colours that are flooding the market from manufacturers wanting to differentiate themselves and fight for a shrinking market share, is often leaving painters in the dark when it comes to colour replication in repair.

Examining the latest candy Mazda 41V Soul Red three-stage translucent pearl being painted by the R-M technical team at their latest training session in the Midrand Refinish Competence Centre, it’s evident just how critical the choice of the shade of grey primer is to the outcome of the end result.

Under the leadership of global R-M trainer Michael Irving, from the RCC in Clermont de l’Oise, France, the technical team’s primary task was to paint the body panels according to R-M’s Technical Data Sheet (TDS) using approved spraygun equipment, suggested pressures and fluid tip size.

All four body panels were sprayed using slightly different processes. One with two wet coats of translucent pearl and another with three medium to light coats to compare the subtleties of colour difference.

With virtually no difference in all four panels  it was evident that 41V could only be effected if the correct shade of grey primer is applied or if correct processes are not adhered to as per the R-M technical data sheets.

Spectral greys in today’s translucent colour repairs are imperative to replicate OEM colour. On the day the correct shade of grey primer was applied, followed by two wet coats of metallic copper to make up the groundcoat. A light-mist coat was then applied to align the metallics. These were all sprayed to perceived opacity. The rich red translucent pearl followed which transforms the colour brilliance and gives 41V its red ‘soul’.

A test on this coat saw the team compare three light coats to two wet coats which made no difference to the final outcome. The 41V was then finished off with a high gloss high solid clearcoat to complete the new colour.

Keep it simple in your shop and stick to approved paint processes and always use the correct grey shade, as these factors are key to achieving lively hues. One thing you can count on is R-M’s commitment to keeping clients on the cutting edge of OEM colour as they continue to woo potential clients with ever more vivid colours with each new model launched.

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