BMW April 2022

Kapci DIMA, full waterborne colour mixing system has been developed to meet all standards and benefits of switching to waterborne. DIMA paints have the ability to protect vehicles against acid rain, severe weather, and UV radiation. The technological transition brought about by these coatings has prompted Kapci to develop these products from scratch.

The company makes use of all-new technologies, which, in turn, lead to the development of products with an array of advantages to all parties. DIMA provides a less odour-working environment as it uses a reducer when thinning, mixed at a ratio of 100% DIMA base to 30% of the reducer.

DIMA toners do not require rigorous mechanical stirring. They flow easily and this increases colour matching accuracy and efficiency. 

The Kapci Variant box presents accurate colour matching for the entire range of colours when using DIMA and is included in the user friendly, Kapci Search and Correct Software for a greater and efficient colour matching experience. The toners when correctly mixed with the reducer, uniformly evaporate leaving surfaces free of marks with spots or smears of colour.

Using DIMA removes the risk of shifts in colour when fading out the colour. With the DIMA waterborne system, body shops will use less sprayable base, and 70-90% less reducing agent.

With the push toward “greener” ways of doing things, especially in the automotive world, more and more shops are moving to waterborne paints. Dima uses an exclusive resins combination whilst matching the requirements on cost, solids, and levelling. The basecoats have been developed from scratch, thoroughly tested by external institutes as well as in-house and have been in the European and American markets for over 10 years. 

KAPCI is continuously improving and remastering the technology and chemistry to meet the performance demands of high-production body shops and to match today’s colours and finishes precisely.

Dima 9670, delivers high performance and flexibility, reducing process times and giving a perfect finish. This effectively makes it a perfect profitable solution to repair original basecoat and direct gloss finishes.