BMW April 2022

In partnership with UK telematics supplier RTL, Air Products developed and implemented a fully integrated vehicle telematics, event recording camera solution and a mobile app for giving direct feedback to their fleet drivers.

Air Products is an industrial gases company whose work covers several aspects from healthcare to the automotive sector, food and drink to hydrogen fuel, and metal fabrication. Its fleet is in excess of 350 drivers and 270 vehicles and makes approximately 220 000 deliveries teach year.

Tech drives safety improvements

The telematics captures information from the vehicle’s onboard computer about driving style for both safety and efficiency, connects to the trailer roll-stability system, uses a forward-facing event camera and is linked to the vehicle tachograph giving automatic driver identification. In addition to the technology, Air Products introduced a data enabled driver coaching programme which helps drivers understand how they can adjust their driving style to become safer drivers.

Commenting on the impact of the video telematics, Graham Hall, European logistics manager at Air Products said: “Video is not subjective; it enables the driver and coach to focus their discussion around prevention rather than debating.

“Having the video footage gives everyone clear visibility of the situation and the app generates a two-way dialogue in near-real time around the circumstances.” This technology has produced a positive safety result for Air Products where it saw on road preventable vehicle accidents reduced by 23% in one year.