BMW April 2022

Over the last couple of years, the Supertech Group have seen exponential growth.  From the first Durban branch the group have expanded their BMW dealer network to six BMW dealerships; Durban, Shelley Beach, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Newcastle and East London. Three Supertech Approved Repair Centres (ARC’s) manage the group’s collision repair needs with Pietermaritzburg being the third addition to the ARC’s.  

Equipped with the latest repair equipment and greener technologies, this state-of-the-art facility, with energy saving features, ensures excellent shop profitability and performance. 


Celette SA was the company enlisted to help by installing top-of-the-range waterborne booths with self-controlled software. The package comes complete with automatic cycle and pressure control as well as soft safety pressure which makes the booths more energy efficient. This software, coupled together with the Direct Fire LPG gas heating system, increases the shop productivity by 25% due to faster flash-off times and better curing of work. Not only is the Direct Fire system cleaner, which leads to less maintenance down time, but it is a greener source of energy that is environmentally sound.  


Dual paint mixing rooms feature BASF and PPG waterborne coatings, which are the group’s refinish systems of choice.  A long line of downdraft preparation areas, equipped with Rupes turbine dust extraction and IRT infra-red rail systems, do the bulk of the work. 

Celette chassis straightening bench dominates the panel beating section, equipped with BMW approved tooling and Betag Innovation dent removal systems are responsible to make short work of any size job that comes through their doors. With over 2 500m2 of floor space under roof and an additional 2 500m2 of parking space available, ARC Pietermaritzburg is capable of working on 50 cars simultaneously. 


ARC manager for Supertech Pietermaritzburg, Selven Govender, who oversaw the project from start to completion in April this year said, “Construction for the new shop started in January this year, which left us little time as we had a deadline of only four months. It was down to sheer determination, good negotiation plus the extra time and effort made from all parties involved that the shop was up and running before our scheduled deadline”. Proud of their achievement Selven went on to say: “My desire is to make the Pietermaritzburg body shop the most profitable and successful in the ARC network, by providing world-class service and finished products for our clients and our work providers too.” 


Supertech’s founder and chairman, Shabir Tayob then wrapped up the proceedings with the announcement that this ARC Pietermaritzburg shop represented a milestone for the Supertech Group as the project had a strong focus with regards to job creation and skills development. Shabir continued: “We have added an additional 13 locally trained Pietermaritzburg ARC graduates from the Pietermaritzburg area to our overall 26 employees that we have developed and empowered through this journey with the Group”. This kind of commitment to the local community, as well as the rest of the group’s staff contingent (around 350), is another reason why Group clientele receives such good service and customer care results. “The customer’s experience is number one on Supertech Group’s list”, concluded Shabir. 

It’s with this motivation, pride and dedication that the group sees unbelievable results and tremendous growth. This quest for perfection and complete commitment can only secure a great business future.