BMW April 2022

The pneumatic, hydraulic universal punching and riveting tool PNP 90 XT2 is specifically designed for all common riveting operations for sandwich panels, thin sheet and high-strength sheet. The equipment’s universal technology enables adaptation of various attachments for different applications.

The hydraulic pump is a. pneumatically-driven pressure intensifier with a ratio of 1:100. This means that a hydraulic secondary pressure of 600 bar is generated by a primary air pressure of 6 bar. When the equipment’s pre-set final pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically and keeps this pressure constant. The hydraulic pump has a pneumatically-controlled pressure relief valve. 

The Docking Station XT2 supplementary unit is an addition to PNP 90 XT2. It ensures consistent quality for the riveting process. If the operating pressure drops below 6 bars (required minimum operation pressure), the operator will be informed via an optical indicator (red LED) and the pressure accumulator will take over the pressure supply. The PNP 90 XT2 is approved for Jaguar and Land Rover Repairs, among others.

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