Stirflow Paints (Pty) Ltd was established in 1971 and has for in excess of 25 years produced automotive paints for the refinish industry under the Gun Gloss brand. Gun Gloss Paints (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stirflow Paints.

The operation can trace its beginning to a pair of industry long termers in the way of its opening with Jeff Stirk, a former Wardkiss top sales representative, and Bram Flotman, who was formally a technical director at the Duco Dulux Company. They broke the mould on refinish manufacture in a factory based near Alberton.

Sometime after that, the company moved to Mopedi in Sebenza where Ronnie Hadiaris entered the business with an office machine background. Ronnie was a very fast learner and soon was working with a top chemist named Mike Lord in developing new products. They pursued a path of producing the very top levels of quality and quantity on the whole Stirflow range that the company produced for industrial, truck, bus and car repair.

“Over the years the Stirflow policy was focused on producing a quality paint line,” said John, Ronnie’s son. Looking at their top performing 2K and base coat range, he says they developed a range to meet constant price reduction which some markets, like collision repair, need.

“Often all the repair industry seems to care about is the cost of the tin and not the quality that they need for a perfect job every time. The Stirflow quality ethic is in some ways lost on many distribution networks that concentrate on price only, but we would never compromise on our quality.

“The original formulas that my father created are still with us today as they were designed to make great products. Once a customer has seen our reliable refinish quality they invariably stay with our body fillers and other key products for a great deal of time, as what you see is what you get.

“The Gun Gloss range takes pride in its quality. Our success in the market place over the years says it all. It’s definitely part of the reason we do so well in the truck and bus business especially.”