BMW April 2022

Geneva will always remain one of the biggest motoring occasions despite the organiser’s late cancellation. Many motor companies arranged alternative venues to display new models for the show goes on as the debutantes are waiting in the wings as the big machine of car design rolls on.  

 With the global pandemic of Coronavirus in full swing, the new stars that never came out in the reveal opening appeared with international internet streaming. Among the big hitters was the unveiling of the Electric Fiat 500, battery powered mini car with an upscaled cost of some €37 000. With less costly derivative models due for launch its’ cute looks could tempt a few drivers their way. Concept cars occupy a special place in Geneva so despite the health problems, the all new BMW concept 1.4 took pride of place in their new motoring offer. It is a full electric offer due for launch in 2021 with a fantastic design. The body language points in the direction where their corporate design future is heading.  

With the push on ‘electric’ which is becoming a huge thrust for both Skoda and Audi, their new Octavia and SUV offers plan to take on Tesla with both RS Octavia and Audi’s e-Tron model. 

Show stoppers were some of the upmarket road chargers. With the outstanding Aston Martin V12 Speedster being the real head turner and is becoming the short-term king of the speed stars. The  Bentley Bacular is also a spectacular new model looking at it online. 

Alfa Romeo’s sedan GT turns out to be the most powerful production car the company has ever built. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of outright power output with the German specialist car maker Koenigsegg’s first four-seater whacking out a full 1700 horsepower, but competitor Porsche are right up there with speed and the all-new 922 Gen Porsche 911 which boasts a top speed of 330 km/h. The new design is not confined to the normal high-end designers, for the Chinese have revealed a sports car called the BAC, which is a beautiful one-seater (or mono single) for production in 2020. It is a sports car with a 2.3 litre Montune Ford engine with additional power over older models.  

Back in the real world of motoring BMW gave a glimpse of the new M340D packing the most power ever on a diesel car. The touring estate comes with mild hybrid technology that claims to boost power yet saves fuel. Not to be left behind on electric power, the Dacia Spring Electric concept previewed their production model to become one of Europe’s cheapest EVs with urban car ambitions. Mass production car makers, such as Honda, revealed a new, facelifted version of the popular Honda Civic Hatchback using their high power two-litre turbocharged engine. Offering infotainment upgrades with performance and handling advantages over existing models.  

Hyundai introduced the new i20 with a new ambitious design which offers more space to the interior and enhanced connectivity overs it predecessor found on this facelift model. Sister company, Kia released the Sorento upgrade with a new monococayne platform which allows for longer overhangs and enhanced interior space with a tour de force of design like so many new model designs.  

Mercedes-Benz rolled out their new CLA and A class with different light clusters and a more angular look, while anachronistic British sports car manufacturer Morgan introduced the firm’s new aluminium architecture using a BMW Z4 motor to propel it along, albeit via a six-speed manual gearbox option to the standard auto ’box. It is quite clear from the huge amount of new designer road-going metals from the world’s car makers that despite their efforts to stay alive – and this remaining the main thrust forwards the design and diversity of new models – is proceeding at an unprecedented rate as the car of today cleverly morph the vehicle of yesteryear.