BMW April 2022

Colour management is reliable, fast, efficient and now completely wireless with the new Standowin iQ Cloud. Standox, the refinish paint brand from Wuppertal, Germany, supports professional body shops with three different packages of tailor-made digital colour management solutions. 

Previously, controlling the digital colour management process required a permanently installed PC, usually in the mixing room. The Standowin iQ Cloud goes one step further: thanks to the online database, access and control are wireless when using any mobile smart device, even a smartphone or tablet. Work processes with devices that are not location-dependent are more user friendly and can help to increase flexibility significantly.  

With Standowin iQ Cloud and the Genius iQ spectrophotometer, precise measurements and exact colour formulas can be determined. These are then sent from a mobile device or computer system via WIFI directly to an IP scale for mixing. Other devices such as a label printer or barcode scanner can be networked with each other too, contributing to an incredibly effective workflow. The result is that refinishers can control processes from anywhere in their business. Access to Standowin iQ, the automatically updated database of more than 200 000 colour formulas, as well as clear summaries of key application data in Standowin iQ Cloud’s KPI Dashboard are additional benefits. 

Three Standowin iQ Cloud solutions  

Standox has developed three different Standowin iQ Cloud solutions that take into account the distinctive requirements of body shops. They range from a connected variant Standowin iQ Cloud 100% to a partially wireless version Standowin iQ Cloud 100% Plus to the completely wireless integration of all components Standowin iQ Cloud 100% TOP. Each of the three solutions have done away with the need for manual updates, maintenance and backups, as everything takes place automatically in the cloud. In addition, Standowin iQ Cloud generates key operating figures from other existing systems like inventory and order management systems or online ordering. 

Supporting the digital age 

“In the past, body shops had to carry out almost all colour management processes in the mixing room,” says Olaf Adamek, Standox brand manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “However, with this wireless colour management technology from Axalta, Standox provides a user-friendly, reliable and economical way of working. The tools are quick to use and deliver extremely precise results.  A wide variety of devices communicate with each other via Standowin iQ Cloud. And, although the digital scale remains in the mixing room, all other processes can now take place throughout the body shops. The digital age is here today.” 

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