BMW April 2022

Blue is the most popular chromatic colour on new cars. Spies Hecker launches a new mixing tint to reproduce certain shades of blue perfectly.

Colours are never just colours – each one stands for something and triggers associations in those who look at it. Blue, for example, is the colour of sky and sea, of distance and vastness; it also stands for values such as harmony, clarity and calm. Perhaps due to these positive associations, blue is a favourite among chromatic shades with new car buyers. 

Colour experts expect blue’s popularity to continue to grow, which is why refinishers need first-class material to repair the many shades of blue that are on the road. Refinish brand Spies Hecker has responded to this need by launching a new mixing tint for its Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 Basecoat System. The green-blue colour tone of Permahyd Hi-TEC Mixing Colour 480 WT 318 Brilliant Blue can perfectly repair many current blue tones from car manufacturers. The new mixing tint can be used for effect colours as well as solid colours.

The formulas for Brilliant Blue are now available in Phoenix, the Spies Hecker colour software. 

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