BMW April 2022

Refinishing special effect colours made easy with the Special Colours Standothek guide from Standox. Car manufacturers use special effect paints to attract attention to new models. These new colours can pose an issue for refinishers, but thanks to its Standothek guide on special effect paints, Standox has its professional refinishers covered.

For some colours, the intensity, the effect or the particular gloss level can only be reproduced with the help of a special build-up and process. Over 28 pages and with the help of specific examples, the Special Colours Standothek from Standox, a global refinish brand from Axalta, a leading supplier of liquid and powder coatings, shows how to repair different paint finishes in order to achieve a right-first-time result.

The guide’s detailed clear and easy-to-follow descriptions focus on liquid metallic effects, two-stage paints with tinted clearcoats, three-stage effect finishes, four-stage finishes as well as matt finishes. Each one is accompanied by specific OEM examples.

Adrian Harvey, Colour Automation and Marketing Lead for Axalta in South Africa, knows from experience how tricky these repairs can be. “As soon as a job requires multi-stage basecoats, translucent effect spray passes or tinted clearcoats in order to match a colour exactly, impeccable – in other words, invisible – paint repairs represent a challenge even to experienced professionals. That’s why correctly produced spray-out cards are an important tool. Although the production of these requires a little more time, in the end, it is a quicker and more cost-effective way to achieve the optimal finish,” he says.

Hannes Kloppers, Country Business Lead for Axalta in South Africa, says, “Special Colours is one of 10 Standothek guides, which have all been designed to be an invaluable source of information for refinishers. They cover a whole host of topics from colour matching and identifying and eliminating paint defects, to health and safety in the workplace. They have always been very popular with body shops as they offer helpful tips and advice with clear instructions and illustrations.” The 10 Standothek Guides in the series are:

• Special Colours

• Identifying and eliminating paint defects

• Perfect colour management

• Perfect substrate preparation for brilliant results

• Prestige and classic cars

• Paint and Design

• Helpful tips for your health and safety

• Winning customers, retaining customers

• How to refinish plastics

• The quick way to a perfect colour match.

Standothek guides can be downloaded from the Standox website,