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The recent Spanesi world dealer conference rolled out a restyled and easy to use Touch measuring package which can now give access to any repair under any vehicle faster, with an improved working ability to get measurements taken. The computer now shows all measurements live that need adjustment so an operator can make no mistakes on either diagnosis or body repair work undertaken with an array of three new probes.


To understand the importance of an accident, it’s even more important to estimate correctly the damage first, avoiding unpleasant surprises for the customer.

With a few simple steps the Touch is able to clarify the extent of the damage, giving useful information on the mechanical parts to be replaced and what not to replace on the points involved in the accident. Everything in a few minutes. The diagnosis can be done on any lift and it’s extremely quick.

Once the trolley is fixed to the ground, the make and model have been chosen and the four points measured (alignment process), you will only have to choose the point that you want to know the measurement of, put the probe in the centre of the bolt and click once on the button.

You only need three probes for the total diagnosis of the vehicle, thus reducing accessories needed. The result is a print out where the mechanical and chassis points are underlined with two different colours, red or green. When the dot is green, the measurement is in tolerance with the OEM specs, when it is red then it is out of tolerance. For each point you find the OEM values, the real values and the differences in millimetres (length, width and height).

With the Touch you are able to establish the length, width and the diagonal of two points, any point, even when only looking on the screen.

It can customise each single datasheet adding a maximum of 50 points to the already existing ones (of the same model), and they will also be printed out on the final page.

The points will remain available for one measurement only and for future measurements of the same model. They will also be printed out on the final page. Touch can also measure used vehicles to guarantee the safety of the vehicles for single owners, corporations, insurance companies and dealers.


The Touch software is not only a quick and effective tool for the vehicles diagnosis, but it can also be used with Spanesi benches (and not with the help of specific adapters) to diagnose and repair damage at the same time.

The tool, once fixed on the bench, without cables that obstruct the job but only with the Bluetooth connection, visualises the computer the data.

With the special function “follow me”, the body shop worker fixes the probe of the Touch with the magnetic adapter, near to the damaged part, and in this way the tool visualises in real time the measurements of length, width and height during the pulling process.

With the different colours and with the help of different sounds, the body shop worker is able to understand if the point has been repaired correctly or not, even without looking at the screen.

With the diagnosis of the Touch you can save time even during the fixing of jigs on the vehicle, or only fixing the points that are truly deformed from the crash. For each point, the diagnosis shows the millimetres and the direction where to pull to take the point back to its original measurement.

Control of warranty

The diagnosis can be done on every lift and it’s extremely quick. Before giving the vehicle back to the customer, the body shop worker can control the work done and demonstrate it!

The straightening procedures done on the bench cannot be documented on paper, and for this reason the diagnosis before and after the repair is a way for the body shop to give the customer a safe vehicle.

Thanks to the Touch Wheels function you can verify and, when needed, regulate the wheels alignment directly on the lift or on the bench in a few minutes. At the end a print out will be released of the diagnosis together with the control of the wheels alignment and it will be the warranty of a job well done.

The Spanesi Touch is also capable of accurately repairing both motorcycle and vehicle damage. The system is available from the Maroun’s group locally in South Africa.