Standox October

Fifty years after Orazio Spanesi opened his first body shop, and more than sixty years after he began working in one, this book is his opportunity for telling the story of his life and celebrating his success. His beginnings in a body shop at the age of 14 and the instant once-and-forever passion for the job, with Italy undergoing big changes in the background; the dream of setting up his own business that comes true eleven years later; and then – illustrated in colour – his travels, trade fairs, inventions, patents, products. The story goes on with the establishment of Spanesi as a manufacturing company, producing and selling more and more complete gear, full body shops for body shops; and eventually the international expansion, with the plant in China, the Chicago branch and warehouse, the Thai branch, the company’s area managers virtually covering the whole global market. Besides him, his children Cristina, Simone, Andrea, ever-present wife Angelina, their grandchildren growing up and extending the future.

A direct and in-depth knowledge of the actual needs of a body shop provided Orazio with an edge in the manufacturing business. “My love for the tool”, as he still calls it, was the key to elaborating innovative and competitive productions and then sell them. The rest was a matter or iron will, intelligence and clear-mindedness, courage and entrepreneurial intuition in identifying the right moments to venture or wait. A successful mix of pride and humbleness, that is to say awareness. Not all by himself, of course, but always leading the team, Orazio Spanesi has overcome difficulties and faced turning points, parrying and anticipating every move.

Necessity has been the mother of invention. As he has now gone a long way, from Padua’s countryside to the world, Orazio recalls.