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Cleanliness might be next to godliness but it’s also very close to profitability in the business of repair. The body shop and its vehicles must be spotless as first impressions are critical. This applies to all areas in the business as well as customers using those facilities are prime prospects for repeat  business. Their experience of the drop-off zone, the waiting areas and even the workshop itself can be crucial. Every area needs to feel clinically clean and inviting.

The cleaning industry has acknowledged the particular challenges of repair centres and has developed a new generation of specialised equipment to meet them.

Gavin Herold, general manager of Africa and the Middle East for Nilfisk, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cleaning equipment, says there are now bespoke solutions for every industry need.

Aside from boosting sales, Herold says there are other business benefits from investing in the best cleaning equipment:

– Improved productivity, efficiency and durability in the cleaning process contains costs and allows for more time to be devoted to the core business

– Enhanced ergonomics help staff avoid fatigue and adaptable mobility means every space is reached more easily

– Increased safety and reduction of risk by minimising chemical fumes and slippery floors

– Green cleaning solutions to achieve sustainability goals

– Improved indoor air quality with better filtration and fewer chemicals.

Herold highlights three parts of the range of specific equipment available for the industry:

  1. High pressure hot water washers with up to 210 bars of pressure at 90° for tough cleaning for commercial vehicles, forecourts and workshops. They work better and faster, and, with an EcoPower™ boiler, can deliver significant fuel savings while removing dirt, oil and road-film.
  2. Big capacity and efficient vacuum cleaners for high volume work delivering greater suction power with a low noise level and both wet and dry applications. They have 70 litre containers with a Tilt or Lift-Off system, MultiFit accessory system for task flexibility, washable PET fleece filter elements and Automatic On/Off models.
  3. A wide range of accessories for easy and efficient vehicle cleaning, including wash and rotary brushes, under carriage washers and curved lances.

Herold reiterates that a clean and crisp environment can only be achieved with powerful cleaning solutions.