BMW April 2022

Smart QuoteTM is a new cutting-edge product introducing an all-new one-of-a-kind estimating tool for collision repair estimates. It has the capability to independently acquire both parts numbers and accurate pricing of parts during the quotation stage.

 This is the only technology that completely bridges the gap between the three major business sectors that are clients, insurers and supply chain participants. All of this also delivers a result both efficiently and in the shortest possible timeframe. The features that make Smart QuoteTM a winning package is due to the multiple built-in and easy-to-use tools. Simple yet advanced it offers a suite of revolutionary new features. 

The tool provides all the visual and detailed graphic support for fast and detailed identification of parts along with their correct parts prices. Furthermore, Smart QuoteTM generates a full seamless integration on a parts price interface which delivers a constant and accurate net pricing structure. Smart QuoteTM makes quoting an absolute breeze as it can create estimates in a fraction of the usual time allowing for flexibility. Included in the system is the functionality to transfer quote requests and authorisations and final costings in an automated fashion and provides versions for comparison purposes. It can be used on mobile devices and laptops with attached photos at the click of a button. The system is cloud and web based meaning no upfront setup costs and is accessible wherever you are. 

With our development of your own repairer portal it can also deliver workshop management tools at your fingertips with built-in dashboards and workflow that display timelines and key expected turnaround times throughout the entire process of the collision repair in motion. Smart QuoteTM has been developed with one over-riding thought process and that is, “We want to transform and simplify your business by giving you control and putting repair management back firmly in the hands of your own concern as a body shop professional.” 

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