BMW April 2022

Most people who drive around in cars, are doing their best to avoid dents, scratches and scrapes, let alone full body vehicle repairs. Yet, there are many who make a living from these unavoidables, and it’s a competitive world they operate in. In an occupation where time and quality workmanship are crucial elements of the job, the importance on the choice and application of the correct tools can set one good specialist apart from another.

Sika SA know this, and in many fields, have set themselves apart by focusing on relevant and effective solutions. For body shops, panel beaters and the like, they present a high strength panel adhesive – SikaPower©-4720 – a strong as steel solution in a tube.

SikaPower©-4720 was specifically designed for high-strength metal and composite panel bonding. Its quick and effortless application traits ultimately reduce downtime in body shops, and these standouts, together with its highest-in-the-class strength, make it an industrial leader. It is solvent and silicone free with a long open time and a fast cure. Intended areas of application would ideally be metal and composite panels with exposure to high dynamic stresses, such as door skins, rear body panels, roof skins and quarter panels. For safety reasons, it is not intended for use on body structure parts.

Given the trends of lightweight vehicle construction, use of multiple materials, reduction of local stresses and increases in body stiffness, there is a growing number of structural bonding applications at the OEM’s body shop. This is supported by the ongoing shift from a hot weld to a cold bond repair process in these shops, converting to time and money savings for the shop. Less time is spent masking and repairing hot work deformities; inaccessible parts are easily joined, and now joining and sealing are conducted in one operation.

Different material types are easily joined, and they can be thinner and stiffer than those traditionally hot-welded. Increased long term performance is achieved through better corrosion protection, local stress reduction and enhanced fatigue strength. Lastly, but not least, enhanced passenger comfort through more effective sound deadening.

Other characteristics of SikaPower©-4720, beneficial to the users in this market, include:

Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates without use of a primer equals faster application.

Superior application properties which include no running or dripping, making it quick and easy to apply.

Long open time with fast cure – accelerated curing with heating; high flexibility during working process and quick handover to customer.

Secure joining and fixation by over clamp protection and controlled bond line thickness.

Conforms to OEM standards – recovers vehicles original condition in terms of quality, safety and comfort.

Integrated corrosion inhibitor – ageing and chemical resistant enhancing long term performance.

Low odour so user and customer friendly.

Sika SA do not simply offer you, the panel shop specialist, a product. It’s a solution and solutions come as an integration of product, experience, value and service. In this case, Sika have waxed and polished the package, to bring maximum benefit to the user, and his or her customers. The 195ml 2-in-1 cartridge is designed for standard caulking guns and is pre-packed with accessories in a distribution friendly bag.

The self-explanatory product label has an attractive, eye-catching design and is comprehensive in its informative and illustrative value. Sika’s service and support is further enhanced by product flyers, customer presentations, application guides, extensive instructions and roll up displays and posters.

Time. Money. Simplicity. SikaPower©-4720. As strong as steel. Don’t let your solution choices dent your business.


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