BMW April 2022

In a bid to fast track upskilling the South African informal sector, SFERA are working with the National Skills Foundation and are moving ahead at top speed with a new, dedicated and fully equipped Mercedes mobile training centre where many basic skills can be shown for up to 15 delegates at a time.  

This is the brainchild of Lawrence Tshifura, the founding company director. He is harnessing over 30 years of professional body shop experience to make this Level 2 training course a reality for the informal repairer’s upliftment. The programme will include tradesmen who have passed the basic assessment for selection and it started in earnest in September, after a period of delay caused by Covid-19.  

Candidates will learn the basics in straightening, painting and body re-assembly on specially sourced international training modules. Each seat of the new mobile Mercedes classroom is equipped with laptop plug ins to pick up sound and visual on the two large screen projectors.  

“Our major Capital Hill Midrand facility has also been busy training with both technical and hands on capability at Sanrose Autobody. They are completely behind this training business plan,” says Lawrence, “where they have already upskilled over 45 selected trainees.” 

The lifetime crusade from Lawrence going into the special Mercedes training mobile vehicle will greatly assist their capability to cover nationally up to 120 body shop repair centres. “We have been a bit hampered on the roll out phase because of the national shut down, but we’re planning on spending much more time with actual training skills as the summer period rolls in by focusing on professional management principles along with vehicle assessing skills.  

At the development of special business operating plans, we will be able to formalise these specially selected training areas to become much more proficient going up to the next level of repair expertise. 

Sponsors needed 

This new training directive costs money and SFERA are looking to talk to interested companies in the supply of consumable products, hospitality sponsors, businesses operating logistics, professional services that you can get involved in by simply calling Lawrence Tshifura. Call him on +27 (0)82 972 9393 or leave a message at     +27 (0)11 805 1501 for him to get in touch with you. He will be able to give you a lot more information about this new initiative and where you can fit in.