BMW April 2022

The launch of the all-new sealer income application software for compensation on installation of sealers, cavity wax and rust proofing materials consumed during the repair or replacement of body panels on accident damaged motor vehicle was launched in January, 2022. This comes after an extensive two-year project to determine process and labour associated with application of these materials. The venture was created by collaboration of members of the Audatex user group comprising of MBRs and Insurers and supported through sponsorship by Chemical Contacts, official distributor of the Henkel products manufactured for use in these processes.

The user friendly, ease of use cloud-based software accessible from simple connect like smart phones is a world first so believes Automotive Refinisher. The App is used to calculate the cost of sealer material and labour process in applying these products onto aligned body panels seams on repaired/replaced of motor vehicles and as deemed necessary following OEM repair methods.

Previously there was only an allocation of a very low amount for time and product for this ever-increasing aspect of repair, but the App is able to work out a far more exact time and product use for today’s repair.

The project received great assistance from the Audatex user group members when it was envisaged at the start-up phase. Major insurers like Santam, Old Mutual, MiWay and ABSA  and other key motor book insurance carriers realised that accurate times were needed to compensate input costs of collision repairer concerns across South Africa. 

The drive to produce a body repair that will reinstate a damaged vehicle to its original state has become a major driver in current repair quantum determination. In the last decade many motor manufacturers now operate with prescribed sealer combinations to get their cars with no noise, vibration, or harshness (NVH) restored to pre-accident levels. This can include combinations in excess of 100 kilograms of sealer being employed by OEMs. It’s become a science to keep pace with these invisible components to stop rust, corrosion and reduce road noise.

The repair time and motion exercises have now been able to compile a very user friendly application with fields in Abuntex to update both material retail value and wotk units calculated by the App per panel in the graphic section and actual material used and time allocated to enable for the first time ever. These actual costs of repairs for all these times and processed have been physically measured on film build requirements to reach original equipment repair recommendations. The unique calculator costing sheet captures methods on ripple bond sealer, cavity waxes, strip sealer, brushed sealer, texture bond sealer, rectification recommended and process of body repairs. 

Teroson, the material supplied by Henkel, have also been a large help. They offer actual user guides on ripple sealers, cavity waves, stone chip sealers and other popular applications used in these processes of repair.

They also offer two types of specialist pneumatic application guns that apply these unique products with up to three types of nozzles to use. Recommended applications vary from six to 18 bar air pressure to enable the current width of the seam to be applied and gain the right film build for the sealer repair. 

Any user involved in using the new application methodology can now reference the capture sheets and application charts to enable an accurate application methodology and costing. 

Both major repair associations Ð CRA and Sambra Ð have committed their diligent technical input and already major insurers such as Santam, are promoting the use of the App in the knowledge that this formalised effort to cover the correct sealer methodology will ultimately yield a clear trend in that the more body shops that use the sealer App the more it will become the industry adaptor method in use. 

The collaborated effort in all the development for the application chart shows that progress in commodity of purpose is achievable even in the cut and thrust business of collision repair.

For more details you can contact your Association for downloads and training links.