BMW April 2022

Accidents are unfortunately a fact of life, but they needn’t have such a dramatic
impact on your finances. Most accidents involve damage to a relatively small range
of parts – what we refer to as ‘accident replacement parts’.

Typically, they’re at the extremities of your vehicle: headlights, fog lights, trim panels
and kidney grilles, for example. These do however tend to be some of the parts that
help your BMW stand out, define its unique experience and contribute to the
enjoyment and safety of your driving experiences.

With these carefully selected BMW Original Parts now more accessible, affordable,
and the efficiency and excellence of BMW Approved Repair Centres, being involved
in an accident is far less likely to have a lasting effect on the value, appearance or
performance of your BMW.

This new special offer will last until the end of 2022, which means it will include the
entire winter season when accidents are statistically more likely. The reduced prices
on selected accident replacement parts are subject to availability, and only
applicable to BMW E-model vehicles.