BMW April 2022

SAP Coatings are  based in Phoenix, Durban and managed by Andre Maharaj. They have made a bold push in the refinish market in Durban and Cape Town recently. They have a full system of toners, 2K toners and basecoat refinish. The complete colour matching capability is right up there, with other brands in the market place.   

With in-house research and development, the quality of the end repair job is one of the best kept secrets in the local paint business. SAP Coatings have around 15 000 colours on formula retrieval ready to be accurately mixed along with a winning selection of 2K paints, clears and hardeners. The company outlets also carry a complete range of both 1K and 2K high fill primers, plus for commercial repair, quick dry and air-dry enamel synthetic ranges that are all well prices and economical.  

In the Springfield branch, Preggie, the operations manager, is buzzing along with an army of DIY repair concerns. “We are able to easily colour match accurately around 30 different colour samples per day and because of the SAP Coatings formula accuracy, our clients keep on coming back. You have to remember that delivering the right quality of product at the very best purchase price remains a big part of our competitive advantage, especially when we’re looking at the growing uninsured market of body repair in South Africa.” 

Pinetown’s SAP Coatings branch is also returning good business as it’s tucked away down in old Main Road in the very heart of motor town. Ashley Naidoo runs a compact shop and speedy delivery service to surrounding repairers. The company carry out a brisk service to satisfy SAP Coatings regular customers across the repair trade based in Pinetown.