BMW April 2022

Lawrence  Tshifura has a long track record as a prominent Soweto panelbeater and repairer. He has great ambitions to uplift collision repair apprentices which he intends to operate from the Sanrose Autobody shop situated in Midrand. Sanrose Auto body premium batch is Mercedes-Benz and all other major batches found under one roof.

Lawrence said that we can’t continue with a simple each day on-the-job-training township approach, so my intention this year will be to attempt to train upwards of 120 specially selected trainees who I have personally discussed their body shop aspirations with on a national basis. The training modules will be fully backed by MERSETA and other key stakeholders from a sponsorship level such as the Department of Higher Education and Training: National Skills Fund, the Department of Trade and Industry and the District municipalities. The students can look forward to using some new tool kits and sanders this year supplied by sponsors.

The Sanrose shop has its own training centre that’s also bang up-to-date with the latest learnership programme which will be evenly split between 15 panel beaters using the training syllabus from CDX Automotive, with one approved Jones and Bartlett learning (BMT compliant module) based technical training system. The other 15 apprentices will come through a spray-painting introductory phase which covers basic panel preparation work as well as work place communications and other skills that they will need on the way to becoming great spray painters. The traditionally previously disadvantaged group of trainees will enjoy the best in-class body shop equipment right from a dust free environment up to new super waterborne refinish compliant spray booths which are part of the Sanrose operating centre.

Lawrence has over 29 years’ experience in the trade and in his own words wants to see some of the success he has enjoyed working in Soweto, Johannesburg and the Midrand businesses come together with this new concept of around 20% theory and a full 80% hands-on practical approach which is embodied in his view of apprentice training.

You can call him on +27(0)82 972 9383 for enrolment details.