BMW April 2022

Salvage Genie specialise in helping body shops with abandoned vehicles. With a tight economy and people unable to afford their vehicle’s repair or high excess costs, many collision repairers find themselves with cars on their premises awaiting payment or with an absent owner completely. This takes up needed space and chews into the shop’s bottom line at the end of the day. Salvage Genie are able to help you with this problem.

By law, after 90 days the vehicle is deemed abandoned, but the Salvage Genie team still give an extra 30 days grace period to try to give the owner the benefit of the doubt and extra time to try and get their vehicle back.  Each claim is worked out per individual vehicle.

On average, it takes this process about six weeks from start to finish, so it’s not a quick fix. Once Salvage Genie have the vehicle VIN number, a track and trace process begins. The VIN number is used to get details of the owner and every avenue is travelled to try and find them. At this time the team will also see if the car has an “S” (stolen) mark against it or possibly a clone. An offer is made to the body shop once the all clear is achieved at this interval and the abandoned vehicle is then removed from their premises and taken to Salvage Genie’s storage facilities.

The legal side of things now gets underway and once the high court has issued that the car is now a code 4, the vehicle is sold as salvage. It is law in SA that a code 4 vehicle can only be sold as salvage as the car may not be sold as a second-hand vehicle under this categorisation.

Salvage Genie are situated in Johannesburg. To find out more call +27 (0)11 450 1555 or visit