BMW April 2022

Roberlo are celebrating their 50-year anniversary this year. That’s some accomplishment in this age of quick change, mergers and acquisitions, corporate scandals and failures.

The fact that ownership has remained with the same family since inception is even more astonishing. From humble beginnings, in the city of Girona in Spain, Roberlo has grown into a multi-national manufacturer of quality automotive and industrial products spanning over 100 countries. Roberlo is represented in South Africa by Q-Brands who are based in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

When Roberlo first appeared in South Africa, some 15 years ago, the product range consisted of a clear coat, two primers, matching hardeners and two body fillers.

Today the range has grown into a clear coat for virtually every application, six primers, a range of hardeners, eight body fillers, a full industrial paint mixing system, an automotive paint mixing system, as well as numerous non-paint consumables such as mixing cups, mixing sticks, aerosols, protectors and sealers, soft masking foam, tack rags and degreasing cloths.

Some of the newer products are unique and very useful in the local market.

New from Roberlo

Robflow is a pourable glazing putty designed to fill pinholes and small imperfections. It offers excellent flexibility and adhesion to all automotive substrates.

Roberlo is expanding and adding versatility to its range of auto bodywork protectors by launching Robliner. Robliner is a 2k polyurethane textured coating with high mechanical and chemical resistance with a hard flexible finish for automotive and industrial applications, especially for bakkie and truck beds as well as trailers.

The Pneumatic Aerosol Refilling Machine is a robust portable filling machine that allows for the filling of solvent and water-based paints in a 400ml tin that already contains propellant and specific additives.

The Disolac Industrial Mixing System is an industrial colour system made up of more than 30 binders which makes it possible to paint any substrate in the market. You can find these colours in all the popular formulae, most frequently required colours in the market are available (RAL, BS, NCS, PANTONE), as well as many others for specific industrial applications.

Disolac has a complimentary product line composed of products such as primers and wash-primers, varnishes, catalysers, solvents and special additives. Roberlo has designed these two systems using the latest technology in the field of pigments and they have been created with a view to making the highest quality available to any type of user.

DICROM & UCROM are two excellent systems that can reproduce more than       85 000 different colours. It is the perfect solvent mixing system for achieving the correct colour.

DICROM is a basecoat, solvent-based system consisting of 33 solid bases, eight metal bases, 22 pearled bases and five xirallic bases as well a performance agent.

Roberlo have added a new basic pigment to its solvent-based paint system, DB-524. It is a transparent dark burgundy, particularly suitable for reds that require high transparency and for shades ranging from burgundy to magenta.

UCROM is a 2K topcoat solvent based system which consists of 19 solid bases plus a matting agent  to reduce gloss levels whenever necessary.

Roberlo in Africa

Roberlo have consolidated and expanded their presence throughout the African continent. Roberlo is positioned as a European brand that provides the highest quality and reliability, with solutions that offer an excellent combination of price and quality. Body shops in Africa appreciate the wide range of products offered by Roberlo, which adapts to their needs in terms of ease of use and resistance to the harsh weather and working conditions.

Africa is a territory where Roberlo’s future prospects are very good, and where we will focus efforts to continue to grow and enter new markets.

Growing digital presence

Roberlo has achieved great success and boosted its digital presence through its latest campaign called Roberlovers on Instagram and Youtube social networks.

This campaign, launched at the beginning of the year, is an original project that has aroused great interest and has upgraded the engagement between Roberlo and its users and clients.

Along with the creation of its Instagram profile (@roberlorefinish), the company began its Roberlovers campaign with the aim to have a closer relationship and give a voice to real users and distributors and, at the same time, keep them better informed about Roberlo’s latest news.

The campaign is based on short videos, less than one minute, available in Roberlo’s Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube account. This project aims to promote information exchange between Roberlo’s users and general users in the car refinish sector from all around the globe and, therefore, during these past months, the company has released more than 10 Roberlovers videos from distributors and end users from countries such as Lithuania, Panama, Ecuador, Morocco, United Kingdom, Colombia and Brazil.

The local Instagram account is @roberlo_sa, so you can keep up to date with what is happening in South Africa.

Call the Q-Brand team for more information on the entire Roberlo range on +27 (0)11 440 2714/6653 or 082 923 4373, email: or visit