BMW April 2022

Riverside Panelbeaters has recently incorporated the Ceramic Pro protective coating system into their car care service offering. Based in the centre of Nelspruit’s busy CBD, the Mpumalanga based company has enjoyed a long history of satisfied clientele. Having opened their doors in 1998 the repairer was recently voted the top shop in Mpumalanga in 2021 and has high national ratings on Lightstone’s Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI). 

Speaking to Wayne Wagner, CEO of Riverside Panelbeaters about how he maintains such a high standard of work he had this to say; “Our commitment to our customers, our quick turnaround and quality of work is what sets us apart. The dynamic nature of the business is ever changing and we are always thinking ahead with the way we do business. We look to add additional products and services with customers in mind, and not rely solely on vehicle repair. When the opportunity to offer Ceramic Pro’s coatings and detailing services knocked at the door, we knew it would be a great opportunity to expand our offering. With local car dealerships, marine and the hotel industry in mind, the possibilities are endless.”  

Thanks to our existing body shop skills set, the Ceramic Pro system is the perfect add-on service. Ceramic Pro’s professional training and back-up make it very easy to get to grips with the product and start making profit off the bat. Generating a new income stream from the skill set that is readily available without too much training required sounds like a savvy business decision. 

From ceramic coatings to paint and glass protection films, there is a complete system to suit any client’s requirements.  The Ceramic Pro team are now able to offer finance for their packages, if a client is unable to afford the package. This option allows the client to pay off their coating package over a specific period of months, making getting coated that much easier on the pocket. 

With numerous levels of paint protection from Ceramic Pro, the entry level Care Plus option consists of a single layer of ceramic coating and builds to up to the 15 layered Diamond package. These all include intense deep cleaning, washing and polishing stages before applying the layers of Ceramic Pro’s 9H Nano protective coating which protects from water staining, scuffs, scratches, UV protection (discolouration) and even rust and becomes much easier to clean thanks to its hydrophobic qualities. The coating is also used to protect car interiors from spills, scuffs or staining, to ensure maximum re-sale value on your vehicle. 

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