BMW April 2022

The publication on various platforms and the differing opinion on the implementation of the Competition Commissioner guidelines abound. However, the base of not being invested in educating the consumer on the risks they will now be expected to understand as well as the concern of not acquiring add-ons such as motor plans or warranty protection on vehicle purchase in very worrying.

On a positive note it is apparent that distinction is being gained in identifying the major differences between mechanical and auto body repair and the focus required on outcomes.

Our industry sector remains optimistic that little change will follow the implementation date but we must be mindful of education for the protection of consumer safety that we should offer based on our qualified experience.

If we had earlier communication from principal corporates such as OEMs and Insurers on their take on the proposed change, we would all be in a better place for continued best practice. There seems to be an alarming amount of silence around the issue with everyone waiting to see what someone else will do first. It’s completely reactive thinking and not in any shape or form a proactive response to take charge and set boundaries.

The lack of relationship in at least one of the mentioned corporates taking a public stand in the lead up to 1 July leaves the automotive aftermarket in a state of alarm in terms of visualised business practice and real protection rights of the consumer.

Honesty, truth and transparency is left in the hands of the service provider and if notation in the vehicle service book is not completed we are in for a legal increase and examples being set of customer frustration. This will place a reliance on compliant service providers to fix the problem. Cost, inconvenience and identifying service compliance to defined repair methods will leave the OEM suppliers with major issues to deal with.

In summary the consumer has invested in possibly the second most expensive asset they must fund. They need to preserve the value of their vehicle. All need to strive to obtain zero risk, safety and peace mind are the outcomes for all involved.

Audatex Golf Day

Audatex, are the most widely used platform for quantum estimate of damage restoration cost to accident damaged vehicles, held their annual charity fund raising event in support of the Othandweni Centre Gamalake as the beneficiary earlier in May 2021 at Centurion Country Club.

It has been some time – due to the adverse effect the COVID pandemic – that a large group of industry members and role models were able to gather in one venue and to catch up on industry trends. The CRA actively participated in sponsoring a drink stop at hole 6 on the course. Thank you to the diverse player contingent who participated and who enjoyed the golf outing. The day was a success and we further thank the teams from our esteemed executive and BASF whom proudly supported our brand in their golf attire.

By Steve Kessel