BMW April 2022

An upgrade in the heart of Umghlanga sees the new addition to the Renew-it group’s network in KwaZulu Nata (KZN). Renew-it Umhlanga is an excellent opportunity for the brand to service the northern areas of KZN’s South Coast from their Durban Central branch. Opening their doors for business in October last year, the new state-of-the-art shop’s optimised design streamlined processes and procedures deliver faster throughput.  What really sets this shop apart from the rest though is the hands available for any task inside the shop.

The new shop is flighting a BBBEE training programme which is a joint venture with Toyota SA allowing 20 qualified students the chance to gain practical hands-on shop experience from six permanent trainers on the shop floor.  Each of the six trainers manages and teaches their own team of students in each of the respective processes, be it stripping, sanding, spray painting, polishing or colour matching. This practical time fine tunes their body shop skills.

The hands-on experience gives the graduates a better chance of entering the industry thanks to the experience they receive from such a reputable name.  The duration of the programme is a year long. It was interesting to note that none of this hindered shop performance as CSI scoring was at the 89-99% mark for first time right work.

When asking Wayne Atkinson, operational director at Renew-It Umhlanga, what the positives were from the experience he said, “It’s a great feeling giving someone a chance to succeed in life. The students take what they have learnt here and become self-sustainable in building their careers. The best feeling by far though is giving back to your own local community. This is a really great initiative.”

The completely overhauled Renew-It Umghlanga branch incorporates the latest energy efficient technologies, reducing costs at all stages of the production cycle process and speeding up the end result which is work done correctly first time out the door.

Completely redesigned systems include a new gas drying installation in the way of a top of the range Firat booth that ensures faster drying and curing systems resulting in higher quality production. With everything at their beck and call, the new shop is an impressive training ground for these learners to start their careers.