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Kapci Coatings are riding the crest of the wave with ever increasing global sales for their professional refinish range. The company, after a two year period of research and development, have just launched a state-of-the-art KapciBlink photospectrometer based on the X-Rite technology.

“This is an all-new, all-round workshop management tool,” says Khaled Sorour, Export Manager for the global export operations for Kapci. “We as a company recognise that accurate and frequently updated colour information forms a vital part of our software back-up package so every supplier can now concentrate on delivering fast, accurate formulation retrieval.

“This adds to the ColorMix and our 9000 variant colour box to deliver to a spray painter over 35 000 colours and variants. This adds to the advanced range of colour retrieval tools. The new KapciBlink hand held spectrophotometer can search in minutes. It is an easy way to use a new colour evaluation function.”

Colour data is collected electronically and it delivers a precise colour match in just a matter of seconds. This is done by using new analytical colour technology with multi-angle heads that have phenomenal optical resolution.

The KapciBlink also calibrates in grey day conditions and can deliver reliable results. It even has an over shoot adjustment formula calculation. Should the painter while mixing a specific formula use too much of a tinter, KapciBlink recalculates the mix and retrieves the colour to a good match.

What’s really helped Kapci Coatings climb to the top of the tree with expert colour matching has been the expertise of their dedicated colour team. Lead by Ayman Hamed and Hany Refaie, they have decades of experience behind them in research and development. These teams are split into two areas of development. One will carry their colour formulas for Dima waterborne metallics and xyrillic pearls, while the other works on solvent borne refinish colours which occupy a significant part of the Kapci sales on a global basis.

The South African market played a pioneering role in developing the correct tools on colour retrieval. They are busy with their new Latico value range, the 6030 high performance clearcoats and an improved refinish 626 fast 2K Filler. It is no small wonder that their expansion on the world stage was another year of increased sales.

All that plus their planned expansion into India with their own manufacturing production facility has seen the group become one of Egypt’s largest employers.

With over 1600 staff working for the group they produce a whopping 95 000 tons of refinish for the world’s consumption. “It is a world apart from the company that started way back in 1985,” says Amr El-Sayed.

The company is based in Port Said, Egypt, and is currently exporting to over 65 global refinish markets with ISO certified quality. It has also established branches in China, Brazil, India and the United Arab Emirates, among others, as they hurtle forwards.

Kapci Coatings is on the path to becoming a major global player while the company remains steadfastly committed to doing all this with great integrity, from the very beginning to the very end – which is their business philosophy.