No matter how well you drive, there’s always the risk of being caught up in an accident that’s not your fault. The safety features of your BMW will help keep you safe from physical harm, but even low-speed impacts can result in visible damage to your car. 

Many accidents involve the same parts being damaged – those at the extremities of your car. Unfortunately, these tend to be vital in terms of aesthetics and function. Whether it’s your lights, bumpers or trim, these are all crucial components when it comes to the looks and performance of your BMW. 

Naturally, you’ll want to have them repaired as soon as possible. To preserve the value and maintain the performance of your car, it’s important to have any repairs carried out by qualified BMW technicians at one of our nationwide network of dealerships and to only ever use BMW Original Parts. 

BMW dealerships have the necessary expertise and experience, and access to the full range of BMW Original Parts needed. Whether your BMW is in or out of Motorplan, they can rewind the clock to just before the collision and return your vehicle to its former glory. 

Not every accident is avoidable – but with their new special offer, BMW South Africa is looking to reduce the impact of unforeseen events on the road. Until 04 September 2021, the BMW Original Parts most likely to be damaged in an accident have been reduced by up to 35%. 

This offer applies to E-models only, but covers a comprehensive range of accident replacement parts including headlights and fog lights, side trim panels and the all-important kidney grilles, without which a BMW just isn’t a BMW.  

The BMW Parts Manager at each BMW dealership will be able to provide details as to the specific parts covered by this offer, and the discount applied to each one. Being able to replace accident-damaged parts for less will go some way to lessening the frustration caused by careless or inattentive drivers, of whom there are only too many on our roads. 

Stay safe out there!