Reduce Compressed Air Contamination

BMW April 2022

Compressed air supply is vital to any production process so it is therefore important to ensure that compressed air supply is of high quality. It is evident that air contamination is, however, a regular occurrence and nuisance to production lines and companies running important processes. Delivering a high-quality product is essential for any business. When compressed air becomes contaminated and that comes in contact with your final product, this product might be of sub-standard quality. You can see how this can negatively affect any operation.

Understanding and identifying where air contamination comes from is the first step to finding a solution. Contamination sources can include ambient air the compressor draws in, the compressor itself, the systems air receiver and the distribution piping.

So how do you reduce compressed air contamination? What is the best solution? Because contamination can originate in various areas of the compression process, the best solution would be to install an inline filter in order to reduce the contamination. High-quality inline filters are very effective in removing condensed water, particles, oils, vapours and any other kind of contamination before it damages your systems.

There are three stages to an inline filter system, and every stage is as important as the next. The first stage of filtration should be to install a simple centrifugal water separator to remove any condensed water and liquid oils. This is a simple, easy solution to remove contaminants and make the rest of the filtration easier. The second stage of the filtration system should be to install coalescing filters – responsible for removing solids, particles and liquids. This filter can also change vapours into liquids for easy removal.

The final stage of this filtration system is installing a filter that can remove vapours. Depending on what the compressed air is used for, this is not a mandatory step, but these filters are generally used to remove the last traces of contamination.

It is important to have regular checks and audits on your air filters to ensure that they are operating effectively and efficiently. This will ensure that the compressed air used is of the highest possible quality.