BMW April 2022

As the world continues to explore a swift shift to new technology, Kapci through its research and development has targeted reducing costs and increasing efficiency in 2019. This has necessitated the development of new products lined up for 2019 as Kapci meets the increasing awareness of sustainability and green building issues as well as extended producer responsibility and user safety.

This measures up as an advantage for the customers as Kapci extends competitive prices with superior quality to them. Look out for new and improved products in the Car Refinish, Wood Finishes and Decorative ranges in 2019.

KAPCI 6030 2K HS Clearcoat – Unmatched Innovation

Kapci 360 is a revolutionary high solids VOC compliant 2K Acryclic Clearcoat. It’s scratch resistant and high gloss properties benefit it as the best product for a perfect finish. Kapci 6030 can be applied over all Kapci basecoats that include Dima 9670, Kapci 670 and Kapci 640 and is suitable for all types of repairs and delivers a durable finish.

Kapci 6030 clearcoat provides you with a fast drying, easy to use offer with a simple (100: 50:5-10) mixing ratio. Due to its high solid content, it saves on costs whilst also offering excellent polishing characteristics. Kapci can be mixed with three hardener options 6033 (fast) or 6035 (normal) or 6037 (slow) depending on climate conditions. Kapci 6030 is used when you want to achieve a high gloss finish but need reduced process times.

KAPCI 6050 2K HS Anti-Scratch Clearcoat

This product satisfies VOC compliance parameters and has an excellent brightness and gloss finish. It can be used both on wide and little surfaces (spot repair) with a high solid formulation and excellent flow.

It has excellent atmospheric and UV ray resistance, and does not yellow or peel with aging. It is resistant to scratches and imperfections caused by gravel stones or road drifts, yet remains extremely easy to polish.