BMW April 2022

R-M®, premium paint brand of BASF, and TheArsenale, premium online market place dedicated to the style of motion, are proud to announce the Colors & Design programme THE CODE. Twelve Exclusively selected independent design engineers from Europe are invited to work on individual projects painted with R-M® paints to showcase the future of performance and mobility.

All 12 projects will be featured on a dedicated website and social media channels with final exposition planned in April 2018.

R-M® and TheArsenale allow cutting-edge design engineers from various backgrounds in Europe to become part of a unique global community appreciating technical leadership and innovative use of colours.

The participants, selected by TheArsenale, vary from small, unique artists Lucky Cat Garage based in France, experienced Von Zadig in Belgium to much larger design companies such as KISKA in Austria, high-end customised car builder Caresto in Sweden or British artist Death Spray Custom who is well-known for his unique artworks on parts from mobility. In Italy, Lapo Elkann gives his personal view of blue to THE CODE representing Garage Italia Customs.

THE CODE stands for a special color code for each designer as the color and paint can be a unique eye catcher for each design.

With TheArsenale and R-M® Paint, two dedicated partners support the participants in developing, executing and promoting each project. They all benefit from technical support from local R-M® organisations. Furthermore, the project will be promoted on a specific website along with social media, running over the 12-month course.

THE CODE is part of the initiative Colors & Design by R-M®. In the R-M® Refinish Competence Centers (RCC),      R-M® offers its customers significant flexibility to meet their refinish training needs while providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

With the support of R-M®, customers increase the efficiency level and profitability of their businesses.

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