BMW April 2022

R-M’s PRIMEFLASH A2100, body shops can accelerate air drying. Combined with the innovative and easy-to-use additive, R-M’s PERFECTFILLER BLACK, WHITE & GREY primer fillers dry even more quickly – even at just 20°C. They not only help you save energy; they also reduce process times and increase your throughput.

Drying in a flash at 20 degrees

These days, if body shops want to operate cost-effectively, they have to be able to work flexibly. Long drying times that block the paint booth are a real nuisance. Short times are much better for planning. That’s why the PRIMEFLASH A2100 additive makes air drying especially fast. Starting from only 20°C, the PERFECTFILLER BLACK, WHITE & GREY primer fillers dry in the blink of an eye with PRIMEFLASH A2100. They are dust-dry in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes. And they can already be sanded after no more than 40 minutes.

PRIMEFLASH A2100 helps free up the spraybooth for the next job much more quickly. And compared to oven drying, air drying also saves a great deal of energy. The problem of plastic parts potentially deforming does not arise at low temperatures either.

Simple and reliable: The ideal helper

PRIMEFLASH A2100 is the ideal helper for a high level of planning reliability and flexible time management. But that’s not all. As with all its products, the R-M brand makes sure that the additive is easy to use. The PERFECTFILLER BLACK, WHITE & GREY primer fillers are mixed with PRIMEFLASH A2100 and the D70/80 hardeners in a harmonious 4:1:1 ratio.

PRIMEFLASH A2100 replaces the FR500, R2100, R2200 or R2300 thinners in the same mixing ratio as before.

R-M: Perfection made simple

Quicker drying times allow more vehicles to be refinished. Lower temperatures mean more energy savings. And on top of that, as with all R-M products, PRIMEFLASH A2100 is very easy to use.

Feedback from customers locally is that the product is simple, easy and fast to use.

AIRFLASH A 2140 from R-M®

The air-drying additive that dries rapidly and saves energy. R-M, the premium brand for automotive refinishing, has specially developed the new AIRFLASH A 2140, an accelerating additive used for faster drying with its clearcoats.

The AIRFLASH additive replaces the conventional thinner, which reduces the time required to cure the clearcoat at 20°C from six hours to 2 hours. After curing, the clearcoat can be polished directly. And after only 20 minutes, the clearcoat is dust-free, meaning that dust particles can no longer cling to the finish.

AIRFLASH – rapid air-drying

At the same time, AIRFLASH A 2140 helps save energy costs, since this additive eliminates the need for oven drying. For this reason, AIRFLASH A 2140 is also especially well suited for use on sensitive surfaces such as plastic parts, since they will no longer become deformed due to the effects of heat.

This is because with AIRFLASH A 2140, the paint dries “cold” – in the air, at room temperature.

Premium customers who have tried and tested the products had this to say:

“What an amazing product! Not only does it save more than 60% on baking times it doesn’t compromise on quality or finish”.

“I have increased production through my spray booths not only is it reducing the time spent in the booths it is also reducing my diesel consumption. I have noticed a faster turn-around of repair vehicles which is good for my bottom line”.