BMW April 2022

In this month’s article I want to clear up a few questions one could have with regards to the Vehicle Damage Quantifier Qualification.

Question: What does “qualification” mean?

Answer: Qualification means a registered National qualification.

Question: What does “the professional designation” mean?

Answer: Professional designation means a title or status conferred by a professional body in recognition of the person’s expertise and/or right to practice in an occupational field.

Question: What is the difference between a qualification and a designation?

Answer: SAQA has compiled the following scheme which is self-explanatory. See the table below.

Question: What us Recognition of Prior Learning?

Answer: Recognition of Prior Learning means the principles and processes through which the Prior Knowledge and Skills of a person are made visible, mediated and assessed for the purpose of alternative access and admission, recognition and certification, or further learning and development.

Question: How does a candidate get admission to the RPL route?

Answer:  A candidate has to apply for recognition of prior learning with an accredited training provider. The training provider will conduct an assessment and provide gap closure training, should any skills gaps be identified. The training provider issues a Statement Of Results (SOR) to the candidate stating the candidate is ready for the final assessment (External Integrated Summative Assessment) at an accredited Occupational Assessment Centre.

I would just like to make two last remarks with regards to the attainment of the qualification:

A candidate’s knowledge and skills would determine how long it will take to complete the RPL-process, and get to the SOR.

The RPL-process prepares a candidate for the final Assessment (EISA) at the OAC.

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By Frik Botha