Soweto has many formal collision repair shops and a great many more informal based body shops in operation. Pyrmo SA specialist demonstrator Dingaan Mabasa, has been surveying their progress on delivering a better repair job on each finished unit.

“It is a sad fact,” says Mabasa, “that a considerable number of these shops lack any form of systems in their approach to a repair. This leads to huge wastage on both time and money as often paintwork is done repeatedly. These costly reworks cause a massive drop in profitability as you only get paid to do the work right first time.

Pyrmo SA has been holding paint and preparation clinics for some key repairers in Soweto. They have introduced some of the time saving products that Colad has to offer the spray painter.

Masking is one area where Colad can increase speed and efficiency with plastic and paper. This, plus the need to be moved back to dust-free sanding. Automotive Refinisher saw a modern operation with a huge dust free arm for dust free sanding. However, the owner did not keep the package working and as such everyone went straight back to wet and dry sandpaper. This causes surface rust to occur in some repairs with the modern 2K materials and it is a dangerous option to pursue. Because of this, some special surface cleaning options like the clean pump gun that prepares a panel for painting eliminates surface contamination are a great one to add to the mix. Once the repair reaches the final stage of colour, Colad have special sample plates for sprayouts to check that the colours are accurate, with overhead paint cups that are also leak free.

These are just some of a host of new products that Colad have invented to increase productivity right through to the polishing final phase of the body repair.

“Pyrmo SA feels that there is a dire need to upgrade the way the township body shops carry out repairs. There does need to be a no-reject philosophy and a mindset of getting the repair right first time,” concluded Mabasa.

You can get help and instructions from Pyrmo SA on a new way forward. To get help on body repair, training and custom upliftment in the townships call Dingaan on +27 (0)73 017 7185 or call Peter Dove at Pyrmo SA head office on +27(0)11 024 4978.